Publish, Pretend, Curate β€” This months reading list

Three books on door
Books on a chair

October 2016
I guess as it's the beginning of the month, my book choices don't really reflect the usual Autumnal themes. Maybe as it hits halloween I will pick up some fiction to help curb recent voids caused by Stranger Things ending and to be honest, Bon Ivers latest release has me covered on those cosy feels ✌︎

75 Artist Books: The Kaldewey Press, New York
Written by Clemens von Lucius
Published by Princeton Architectural Press
Designed by Gesine Hildebrandt

Founded in 1985 in rural Poestenkill, NY by Gunnar A. Kaldewey. The Kaldewey Press has made exactly 75 books. These small run and hand made books really illuminate a contemporary version of publishing as an artistic practise. I use this book as inspiration and reference it often, as Kaldewey would use eccentric techniques with publishing. Like Lucio Fontana, Kaldewey makes the viewer aware of the materiality and the actions taken to produce it. 

Pretentiousness: Why it matters?
Written by Dan Fox
Published by Fitzcarraldo Editions
Designed by Ray O'Meara

Pretentiousness as a subject matter may cause a certain intrigue, and for good reason too. Tackling a word head on that perhaps summarises our anxiety about progression and individuality, better than it denounces the subject in question, is certainly no easy feat. Dan fox, co-editor at Frieze Magazine has witnessed his fair share of this ambiguous word, and successfully brings true meaning of the term. Fox passionately defends thinking and creativity, providing unique insights to the subject. It's an interesting read and (like Dan himself) straight to the point – it won't be long until you too are correcting any misuses of the word. How pretentious. 

A to Z of Curating
Written by Jens Hoffmann
Published by Jrp|Ringier
Designed by n/a

A quick summary of the development in curatorial practise over the last two decades. Set in a diarist style which breaks up the subject matter into engaging and intellectual entries, Jens Hoffmann has produced a stimulating book that can function as a great primer to curation. For me, I was sold at the covers reference to AZ Maps.